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charges reduced

Exceptional Results

Eaton County: Client facing 20 year drug felony received no jail time.


Isabella County: Client facing CSC life sentence, released after 9 months with no public record.

Ingham County: Client in hostage standoff received a no upfront jail time cap. 

Livingston County: Client admitted to having 70 hits of LSD: 10 day jail cap; no public record. 

 Clients and courts feedback

Grand Haven court: "You have a very smart attorney... that's exactly what I was going to do."


Lansing 54A Court: "Your lawyer did a * of a job." (getting a significant result)


Mason 55th Court: "you have to admit, that's (Atty Levine's) a very good argument..."  


Isabella County: "I don't know how you got them to drop that..." 

What separates us from other firms is a different ability and commitment... Simply put: there's a comprehensive analysis that accounts for things that others don't; and for that reason, we can help in ways that others can't...  And lives are truly changed.  



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