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When you're uniquely uninterested in approval or acceptance from any organization or community standard, but you are still recognized for the work you do, that's saying something about both the honoring entities and those honored by them...  
National Trial Lawyers

The National Trial Lawyers Association is an invitation-only organization comprised of the premier trial lawyers from each state or region who meet stringent qualifications as civil plaintiff and/or criminal defense trial lawyers.  In receipt of this award, I move forward with a full appreciation of the work that must continue to honor this distinction.

Lansing/City Pulse "Best of"

In its yearly publication that circulates across a readership of approximately 50,000 in over 525 locations in Lansing and throughout Ingham County (Mid-Michigan), the City Pulse newspaper has a section dedicated to the town/city's "Best of" service providers, including "Best Law firms." In 2019, this was the only 1 lawyer law firm to be voted "top 5 Best Law firms" among all its voters.

 Avvo 2019 Client Award

Avvo is a service directory that provides comprehensive attorney profiles, and client reviews along with other criteria used to evaluate --and inform both prospective clients specifically, and the public in general about-- the quality and type of legal services offered by counsel. This service honored me with their 2019 Clients Choice Award, recognizing lawyers, whose clients' came away with exceeding satisfaction. ‚Äč

MSU College of Law/JP

Michigan State University awarded me with the jurisprudence award: it's awarded to the student earning the highest grade in a law school course. That Law school is considered competitive is hardly surprising; but perhaps many don't know that appellate work is largely considered the most intellectually rigorous within that competitive distinction.  And to do well in an Appellate course and receive the jurisprudence award is a noteworthy and memorable achievement... 

Michigan State CD Award

Understanding the dangers of social 

characterizations, group thinking, cultural, narratives, and other limited political and ideological templates, I worked to expose these largely unnoticed limitations, inviting a needed conversation... And to the gracious response from Mary/MSU College of Law, I was awarded the MSU College of Law Cultural Diversity award: An honor that serves as a reminder that even unpopular speech can be well received.

Former Deputy City Attorney

Entrusted with the important responsibility to account for the city's legal affairs, including prosecuting local ordinance violations and advising the mayor and other seasoned civic leaders during their political controversies involved patience, prudence and a guiding maturity that helped many civic members get through their pending difficulties...  


Former President of HALLS
Public Speaker UNLV
Former UNLV grad-instuctor

Elected unanimously to be the President of the Michigan State University College of Law "Hispanic and Latino Law Society" came with political controversies that helped give voice to students who were previously "subtly" coerced to submit their Faith and beliefs to whatever the majority felt was socially intuitive.  Artificial lines were broken when as President, I unapologetically denounced a common or traditional practice that was antithetical to my Christian Faith...  Publicly this position was denounced by others, but privately the long term import of saying what we must wasn't lost on anyone; and this is something that came at a political expense, and that I do not regret.  


Mistakes can be opportunities to learn, and with an opportunity to account for my mistakes as a youth, to teenagers who were in foster care in a facility called Eagle Quest, there was an opportunity for youths to learn from my mistakes...  We shared experiences and views, insight and advice.   As an incentive to participate, the children/youths were offered a gift card, which to the emotional challenge of everyone present, they unselfishly used the cards to give to me for taking the time to talk to them...  To say it was overwhelming was an understatement; and it sadly revealed how little time and love others devoted to them... If they knew: I was honored to be around them.      


There was a program at one of UNLV's grad schools that offered students working on their Master's degrees an opportunity to teach a college course...  It's almost comical to wonder how I performed given the lack of investment and even academic maturity (I share this transparency to expose, what seem like a challenge may very well reflect own transgressions). Years later, I returned to tackle the same work/material, and was shocked at how easy that course was without mystery as to anything other than my involvement virtually without commitment..., and eventual journey can lead us well past what we used to consider challenging based on our personal difficulty...