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When you're uniquely uninterested in acceptance or popularity, but you are still recognized for the work you do, that's saying something...
National Trial Lawyers

The National Trial Lawyers Association recently awarded me with the "Top 40 Under 40" Award.

Lansing/City Pulse Top 5

In its yearly publication that circulates across a Mid-Michigan (a local newspaper that is printed across numerous cities. 

 Avvo 2019 Client Award

In its yearly publication,  the directory provides comprehensive profiles, client reviews and that among other things designates its own criteria evaluating  can start adding your own content  

I’m a great place for you to let your users know a little more about you. If you want to delete me just click on me and press delete.

Barnet George Levine
Former Deputy City Attorney

Entrusted with the important responsibility to account for the city's legal affairs, including prosecuting local ordinance violations and advising the mayor and other seasoned civic leaders that were attempting to help the mayor.


 Jackson County lawyer

Criminal Law
Family Law
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